*** Please note the following store Returns Policy change ***




We have Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter in stock!

They are awesome!!!

$39.99 each! All you need is 2 AAA batteries!




Traxxas has scored a hit with their Alias Quad!!!

It's a blast to fly and flip and is available at R/C Zone now for $149.99


R/C Zone is now a dealer for SAB Goblin Helicopter products!!!

We now have in stock a red and a green Goblin 700 and 2 630's and one red 770. The 500's should arrive shortly after February 12th!

Incredible Italian-made helicopters!

For more info goto http://www.goblin-helicopter.com



Sab Goblin 500 Yellow
Sab Goblin 500 Red


Goblin 630


Goblin 700 Red
Goblin 700 Green
Goblin 700 Yellow



Goblin 770 Yellow/Blue
Goblin 770 Red/Gray



We are now on Facebook!!!

Please like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rczoneplano! In doing so, you will become eligible for awards/discounts coming soon! I will be better at announcing new products and specials on Facebook because of the ease of doing so!!!!

You can now buy Compass Helicopters from R/C Zone

We have the 7HV and the Atom 500 in stock and also the top break parts!

Atom 500



We now have STRC aluminum upgrade parts in stock

for Traxxas, HPI, and Losi vehicles!!!



R/C Zone is proud to announce that we have been approved as a Kontronik dealer.

Our first shipment of Speed Controls is in.

If you are serious about competition quality premium speed controls

and motors then look no further than Kontronik Drives!

More information to follow!

Until then click the logo below to be sent to Kontronik

R/C Zone is now a


*** Please note the following store Returns Policy change ***

We are closing out all military plastic models.

30% discount off of all Military Plastics until they are gone.


We are now a dealer for Trueblood Engineering Products!

We have received several head dampeners

and the Swash Levelers for the Trex 250, Trex 450 sport & pro, and the 700.

Levelers for the 500 and 600's will be here in about a week.

Trueblood Head DampenersSwash Levelers



We are now a dealer for

Switch-Glo and Push-Glo Products!

We are now stocking Byron Fuel!

We will normally stock:

Race2000 Gen2 20%/12% Surface Gallons/Quarts
Race3000 Gen2 30%/11% Surface Gallons/Quarts
15% Aero Gen2 Premium 15%/18%
10% Aero Gen2 Premium 10%/18%
15% Rotor Rage Performance Blend
30% Rotor Rage Master Blend

Byron Fuel-Aviation Byron Fuels-Helicopters Byron Fuels-Surface


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